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How it began

Founding team

In 2018, three bankers got together in Connecticut. Kyle, Joe, and Ricardo engaged in ordinary small talk: the weather, their lunch, and the shortcomings they saw in the real estate lending industry (More big than small).

“There’s a gap in the market,” Kyle said in more colorful language. “Lenders are profiting substantially, but fail to provide adequate value to their clients, burdening them with excessive fees and outdated approaches.”

What if the traditional lending practices weren’t the only way?

The group founded Constitution Lending: a hard money lender initially focused on acquiring distressed real estate assets in Connecticut. By 2019, the company was leveraging their real estate expertise to purchase nonperforming loans.

In 2020, Constitution launched its loan origination business to address the decline in fix-and-flip and bridge lending markets.  Specializing in hard money loans, the company aimed to provide accessible financing options for real estate investors.

Today, Constitution stands as a reputable player in the Connecticut real estate landscape. With over $100 million originated in hard money loans and a portfolio of 400+ units under management—all within the state—alongside $40 million+ in nonperforming loans acquired, the company continues to uphold its commitment to professionalism, integrity, and client-focused solutions.